Forbes Feature

May 22nd 2020

36 Real Entrepreneurs Share Top Tips On How They Pivot Business During Lockdown

The corona virus pandemic has brought about a global lockdown, during this time one of the biggest things that I and other entrepreneurs/ coaches/mentors have been banging on about is the all-important 'pivot', but what does it really mean for real life entrepreneurs?...

New Skincare Brand: In the beginning of March, I decided to take what started off 5 years ago as an ongoing kitchen project of making body butters and scrubs, and start my business, ZeeZee Flair. Great timing? Well, since then, I’ve had inventory go missing on its way from South-East Asia, rework how I want events to take place and have had to revise the suppliers I work with, now all based in the UK. Apart from some of the raw material used that have come from as far as Africa and South America, ZeeZee Flair is now proudly British and its creations lovingly whipped in London. It is a pivot I welcome.

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